Benefits of a Membership

There are tons of benefits you get from being a member on our site.  Joining our site will open the doors for you to the only muslim site that combines the best features from a muslim marriage website with a muslim social networking website.  We are an evolving website, and are always trying to  improve and refine our existing features, while also introducing new and exciting features that you can benefit from!  Some of our features include:

Personalized Matches

  • our system uses an algorithm that automatically matches your profile with other profiles on our site that share similarities with you
  • simply click on the My Matches tab and view all your matches! 

Real time Text, Audio and Video chat

  • with the click of one button, you can instantly text, audio or video chat with anybody on our site
  • prefer not to chat in real time with other users yet? Simply disable this feature

Record an Audio and Video Profile Greeting

  • even we're excited about this feature! You can add a personal touch to your profile by recording an audio and/or video greeting
  • greet users that visit your profile so they can hear what you sound like, or see what you look like all while in the comfort of their own home

Ask an Imam

  • many of us don't have all the islamic knowledge to answer all of our own questions
  • We've collaborated with a number of imams to answer any of our users questions
  • you can ask a question publicly or anonymously

Message other users

  • If you come across someone who you think looks like a good match for you, send them a message to get to know them better
  • with our state of the art messaging system, it's easy to keep track of all your messages, you can even see if your message was read

Send a Salaam

  • not quite ready to send a message? Simply send a salaam to a user to let them know that they've caught your attention

See whose Viewed Your Profile

  • It takes a lot of courage to message another user.  But if you know that a sister or brother has already viewed your profile, it's comforting knowing that if they viewed you, they may be interested in getting to know you as well
  • Prefer others not to be able to see that you viewed your profile? Not a problem, you can disable this feature

Hadith of the Day

  • a treat from us to you to show you the beautiful words of the prophet (p.b.u.h)
  • updated daily!

Public and Private picture capability

  • we understand that not all users feel comfortable showing their picture to everybody on the website
  • you can set your picture as private so that only you decide who can view it

My Points

  • this is where we reward you for using our site
  • for almost every action you take on our site (ie. upload a file, comment on a blog post, ask a question), you earn points.  
  • These points have dollar values attached to them - YES, that's right, we actually pay you as you use our site
  • You can then redeem these points for things like purchasing a membership (once our free promotion expires)

Parameters around who can message you

  • we understand that some users get bombarded from other users who they know they're not interested in
  • whether you're only looking for a partner within a certain age range, or even a certain background, you have the power to set these parmaters so that only users who fall within those parameters can message you

Upload Music and Video files

  • you can upload music and video files, you can rate and even comment on these files

Personal Blogs

  • we give all our members their own blog!
  • other users can even comment on your blog posts; if you allow this feature, the power is all yours


These are just a few of the many exciting features that we're giving our members for FREE! (for a limited time).  

Come join to see how we can help you find your muslim match!