What makes us so different? is truely a unique experience.  Just as Islam is based on unity and establishing a community environment, we also strive to do the same.  We’re not just a site where all you’re able to do is click through a bunch of half filled profiles endlessly.  We’re much more than that.  We packed the site with fun and exciting features to make our site the portal young single muslims turn to when they want to find a muslim partner.  

After speaking with many muslim singles, we found that many complain that online muslim marriage websites lack the fun factor and moreover, users online profiles are often vague and don’t provide enough information on who that user really is.  It’s not until you’ve spent a few weeks speaking to that brother or sister on the website that you find out the two of you really aren’t that compatible. 

Now of course, true compatibility can only be found once you speak with and hang out with that muslim brother or sister (in a halal environment of course!)  However, there are early indicators that if known, can tell you right off the bat whether or not that muslim brother or sister is a good match for you.  And these early indicators aren’t found on the other muslim marriage sites that simply list age, eye colour and weight.  But they are, found on  Our website provides a holistic view of who each user really is.  How so you may ask?  Simple, behavior data!

You may have noticed that many companies ask behavior questions during their interviews, and some even put candidates through a behavior test during an interview process to gauge how that individual acts during certain conditions.   This is because it is through an individuals actions that one can learn about that person.  Our site has adopted this philosophy and that is why our site is so powerful and provides real results.   Anyone can say anything on their profile, but how do you know if that’s even true?  But when you’re able to see how a user is behaving on a website, it gives you a pretty good idea.  For example, our site gives all users their own blogs, users can upload music and video files, ask an imam section, users can comment on other users media files, blog posts, articles in the blog section and their profile alone has a lot of useful information about that user among other features (to see a full list of our features click here).   The end result? When you can see what other members are uploading, commenting on, commenting about, reading or asking, you get a real holistic understanding of who that person really is.  No other muslim site gives you this type of real data.  We're no joke.  Aside from all the fun and games, we mean business and we want to help you find your muslim match.  Best of all, our mandatory, detailed registration process, and our strictly enforced privacy and code of conduct helps ensure our members are serious about finding a muslim match.

You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.  Come experience for FREE and find your muslim match today!