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What is is a combination between a muslim marriage and a muslim social networking website. It brings together the best of both worlds, allowing you to search for your muslim match whilst having fun in the process. As a service run by Muslims for Muslims, we understand what its like to be Muslim, single and seeking to establish a long-term relationship through unconventional methods. Although we are a modern and progressive company, we remain true to the values of our faith and this is reflected throughout our site.

Why should I register on

There are lots of reasons to register on our site. For one, there is no other muslim site that brings together the best features from a muslim marriage site and a muslim social networking site. Our site eliminates the awkwardness of simply messaging other users to say hello not knowing anything about them. Our site lets you see other users blogs, their uploaded music and video files, their audio and video profile greeting, comments theyve made and what questions theyve asked in the ask an imam section among an array of other information. This eases the awkwardness because you will already know if you guys already have things in common. The best part is, that our site lets you have fun throughout the process of finding your muslim match.

Can I prevent everyone from viewing my photo, unless I explicitly allow them to? (Do you have a private gallery feature?)

Yes! We understand that not all members will feel comfortable showing everyone their picture, whilst others are perfectly fine with it. Therefore, we provide all users the option to either categorize their picture(s) as either Public (in which case all registered members can view their picture(s) or Private (in which case NO ONE will be able to view their picture(s), and if another user is interested in viewing their picture(s), they will have to either send this user a message asking to see their pic, or they can click on the private image to send a photo request. At that time, it will be up to the user of the private pic to decide whether or not they want to show their picture. If they wish to show their picture, they can reply to either message, and within the message box, they can select which picture(s) to send to that user. This private vs public category can be switched at any time.

How is different from other muslim marriage websites?

Our website is in a completely different category. We feel that other muslim marriage websites are too conservative, traditional , dull and simply outdated. They havnt evolved with our time. Just because its a muslim friendly website, doesnt mean it cant be fun! Other sites are one dimensional and only allow you to search through profiles, and then once you find a user youre interested in, you have the awkwardness of now trying to message a complete stranger. Moreover, most websites lure in free members, but once in, unless you pay a hefty membership fee, you simply a sitting vegetable because you cant do anything else on their site. This is not the case with We have tons of cool and innovative features, some of which are even available to our free members. Moreover, before you message a user, you can see what theyre writing in their blog, what type of music or video files theyre uploading, the types of comments theyre making on other peoples digital files/blogs/articles, so that becomes a great conversation starter! As fun as this all sounds, theres an actual science being demonstrated here. Because you can see the users behavior on our site, this is a great and reliable indicator of that individuals personality. This type of real data is not found on any other site on the market.

Is this site private?

Yes! When we were building this site, one of our main priorities was to ensure that this site would be 100% private. As muslims ourselves, we understand how important privacy is. Unlike other websites that allow anybody viewing the website to view its members, we strongly condemn this. The only people who can view your profile, are other registered and approved members of our site. Sorry window shoppers! You will notice, that on our homepage, under the latest members section, we have blurred all images that appear there. Additionally, in our public Blog page, non members are unable to view registered members comments. Our site is 100% private.


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