Just another muslim marriage site?

Far from it actually! Just because a site is muslim friendly doesnt mean it can't be fun!

We didn't conceive this website just to be another site on the block, we did it because the solutions that are out there just aren't working.  Too many muslims are single longer than they planned to be, marriage is taking a back seat not only because some choose to concentrate on their studies or career, but often also because they simply havn't come across the right match yet.  Lets be honest, nowadays, where do we go to find our muslim match anyways?

  • Friends? why limit ourselves to our circle of friends? And what if we're not interested in who our friends know?
  • Family? going over to a family friends house with a possible rishta? yuppp, that's pretty awkward!
  • The night life? really? we're going to find our mr./mrs. mashallah dancing it up to sean paul?!
  • Current muslim marriage websites? have you seen them? They're a little dated. Simply put, current muslim marriage/introductions sites just aren't up to todays standards, they aren't fun, they don't do what they're supposed to do and they charge way too much! was created by muslims, for muslims.  We're young, professional muslims, looking for other professional muslims just as you are.  It's tough nowadays to find the right muslim match, and we'll be the first to admit it. We created this site to be a community of muslim singles.  Gone are the days where you simply click through half emtpy profiles endlessly.  Our site is much different than that.  You can send salaams, write in your own blog, ask the imam a question, chat with other users in real time, message other users, record a profile greeting, upload music and video files, comment on others blogs & media files, rate them and read our exciting blog among many other cool features! The best part is that you earn points for doing all these activities and with these points, you earn real dollars!  With our feature packed site, and with our innovative My Recent Activity feature, which allows you to see what other people are also doing and commenting on our site, this enables you to browse and message users more efficiently.  This is our famous behaviour approach.  When you can see what other members are uploading, commenting on, commenting about, reading or asking, you get a real holistic understanding of who that person really is.  No other muslim site gives you this type of real data.  We're no joke.  Aside from all the fun and games, we mean business and we want to help you find your muslim match. 

We're completely FREE for a limited time so you have nothing to lose, but inshallah, everything to gain!