Valentine's Day - The Halal Way

Alright Mr. & Miss Mashallahs, so next Thursday is the most important day of the year (you know, after Eid, Lailatul Qadr, and all the other religious days). So, we’ve come up with a short list of halal romantic V-Day ideas.


1. Read Surah Taubah together and then pray like hell that you both won’t get burned for celebrating Valentine’s Day (they don’t call it V-Day for nothing)

2. Profess your love over the phone......just make sure your mother (and his) are on the line so it'll be halal ;)

3. Attend Fajr prayer together and watch the sunrise from the masjid’s windows (remember to remain in separate prayer halls)

4. Invite him over to meet the parents. It can be a cute respectful double date….for eternity

5. Send a copy of the quran, wrapped in a bow tie to your valentine.....don't forget to include a copy of your bio-data for his/her parents to inspect

We hope this list helps you plan the perfect V-Day for your halal match. And if none of these ideas work, you can always read the blog together from separate locations while lowering your gaze and maintaining a zero physical/verbal contact policy.  


From all of us at meetmehalal, we wish all of you a Valentine's Day Mubarak!


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    2017-08-22 23:11:40

    Meilani Lim


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  • Saba
    2013-02-15 21:26:35


    awww i like this - and yes, as halal as valentines can get hehe

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  • Omar
    2013-02-10 03:57:35


    haha this is clever :)

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  • alia
    2013-02-07 23:32:02


    lol this is cute

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