Our First Success Story!

We're excited to announce that a couple (Rabiya & Omar) recently told us they met each other on and iA plan on getting engaged this summer 2013 mA!!

We’re thrilled and couldn’t be happier for Rabiya & Omar.  We were also thrilled because when this couple contacted us a few weeks ago to let us know this exciting news, it had only been 4 months since we had even launched this website!

We asked this couple a few questions about their experience and how they started talking on MMH, see their responses below:


#1: Why did you join Were you looking prior to joining?

[Rabiya] I joined to find a potential husband. Yes, I was looking prior to joining, I had told my friends and family that I was ready to settle down if I met a good guy iA, I just didn't expect it to happen so soon.

#2: Before joining MMH, did you try joining other matrimonial/introduction sites? What did you like (if anything) about meetmehalal compared to the other websites?
[Rabiya] I joined one other site before this one, it was a paid membership website. I didn't like how non members can just browse and be able to see my picture. It also bothered me how so many older men would message me from other countries who said they were interested but were probably more interested in just coming to Canada lol! I think one of the main attraction about this site is that majority of the members are from Canada and the states.

#3.  How long were you on MMH before meeting your partner?
[Rabiya] It was around the 3 week mark when I met Omar.

#4.  What was it about him that made you know he was the one for you?
[Rabiya] Just how well we got along, his values, morals, his ambition, his thoughtfulness......I can go on forever lol *blush*

#5.  What age group do you and him fall into? a) 18-23 b) 24-30 c) 31-40 d) 41-50
[Rabiya] We both fall into group B. I'm 24 and he's 25.

#6.  Do both of you live in the same country? If not, please tell us which countries each of you live in.
[Rabiya] We both live in Canada, however, we live in different cities and we're from the completely opposite side of the country. If it wasn't for this site, we probably would never have met each other.

#7.  When do you plan on getting engaged/married?
[Rabiya] We plan to get engaged in August 2013 and married next summer insha'Allah.

#8.  How did the two of you communicate after meeting on meetmehalal?
[Rabiya] We talked on the site for a long time first as I didn't know what to expect. We then exchanged emails, then Facebook and then eventually began to Skype.

#9.  Would you recommend to your friends and/or family?
[Rabiya] I would absolutely recommend this site to my friends and family, in fact, I already have!

Once again, a big congratulations to Rabiya and Omar from all of us at meetmehalal! 

*Note: at the request of the couple, their picture has not been posted to accompany this broadcast. 

Have you also met someone on meetmehalal? Send us an email & tell us your story!  Inshallah, this is the first of many more marriages to come out of MMH! Ameen!

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    Meilani Lim


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    2015-03-30 22:56:08

    Abu Bakkar

    Wawoo Masha'Allah may Allah make stronger and stronger your marriage bond.

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  • firstchance
    2014-02-06 13:35:49


    Congratulations for both of you!

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